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All Things New and Wonderful
It was the end of winter. The bright sun was breaking through the dull grey of the winter clouds in the country province of Verbist. The snow was steadily melting across the land and the rivers, trees, and the roads were slowly clearing, thawing in the new sunlight. Far from the high walls of the town, out in the secluded and thick woods, a project was coming to fruition in a clearing at the base of the mountain, one of many that enclosed the valley where the town was established. It had been a couple years now since the fall and then retaking of the prestigious Beacon academy out in Vale, with thankfully minimal damage done and its students coming out unscathed with the exception of losing their home. But, in time, they recovered, the regrouped, and they'd taken back their home, pushing the Grimm out of their temporary nest and putting those responsible away for good. But....even in a time of peace, a Huntress' and Huntsman's job is never done, as an old saying goes. And it was a job
:iconslimpickensuk:SlimPickensUK 4 2
That night... by SlimPickensUK That night... :iconslimpickensuk:SlimPickensUK 26 11 [Commission] Morning Delight by SlimPickensUK
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[Commission] Mama Blake by SlimPickensUK [Commission] Mama Blake :iconslimpickensuk:SlimPickensUK 60 14 [Commission] RWBY OC: Aero Gainsborough in action by SlimPickensUK [Commission] RWBY OC: Aero Gainsborough in action :iconslimpickensuk:SlimPickensUK 72 19 [Request] Just a Scratch. by SlimPickensUK [Request] Just a Scratch. :iconslimpickensuk:SlimPickensUK 69 56 [Request] Glynda Goodwitch. by SlimPickensUK
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[Request] Glynda Goodwitch. :iconslimpickensuk:SlimPickensUK 82 44
RWBY/Assassin's Creed OC Emblem for Spideyk. by SlimPickensUK RWBY/Assassin's Creed OC Emblem for Spideyk. :iconslimpickensuk:SlimPickensUK 20 5 [Commission] 4-Koma: Aero and Blake. by SlimPickensUK [Commission] 4-Koma: Aero and Blake. :iconslimpickensuk:SlimPickensUK 20 9 RWBY OC Symbol/Emblem. by SlimPickensUK RWBY OC Symbol/Emblem. :iconslimpickensuk:SlimPickensUK 44 25 [Commission] RWBY OC: Aero Gainsborough. by SlimPickensUK [Commission] RWBY OC: Aero Gainsborough. :iconslimpickensuk:SlimPickensUK 25 3 [Request] RWBY OC: Aero Gainsborough. by SlimPickensUK [Request] RWBY OC: Aero Gainsborough. :iconslimpickensuk:SlimPickensUK 18 5 Aero (Alternate outfit) by SlimPickensUK Aero (Alternate outfit) :iconslimpickensuk:SlimPickensUK 0 0 Blake (Intruder) by SlimPickensUK Blake (Intruder) :iconslimpickensuk:SlimPickensUK 12 98 Aero (Beacon) by SlimPickensUK Aero (Beacon) :iconslimpickensuk:SlimPickensUK 1 13 Aero and Ishara (School bullies) by SlimPickensUK Aero and Ishara (School bullies) :iconslimpickensuk:SlimPickensUK 1 0


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For anyone that's feeling generous and wants that warm fuzzy feeling in your...wherever you get that feeling. I won't judge.

I may send you a riddle or an interesting fact to pass the time if you're bored.

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Haven't done one of these in a while!

- Name:  Not one to just hand it out, but it's easy enough to find. Robin J. Sheppard.

- Single or taken: Wouldn't you like to know, hehe~

- Sex: Male

- Birthday: July 15th

- Star Sign: Cancer

- Hair color: Dark Brown

- Eye color: Even darker chocolate, heh. Though some say they've seen them go pitch black.

- Height: A shade over 6ft last I checked.

- Are you straight/bisexual/gay?: Straight last I checked my membership card.

- What kind of shampoo do you use?: Adidas hair and body wash with some Head and Shoulders.

- What are you listening to right now?: Ads on TV...sounds like a hair dye advert.

- Who is the last person that called you?: Hmm on an actual phone that'd be my dad to discuss what to get for dinner. Otherwise it'd be :iconkyosgal: a few days ago over FB
- How many buddies are online right now?: least 4 by my best guess.


- Animal: Cats, dogs, birbs...uhh....can't think of an animal that I wouldn't adore, heh.

- Color: Red and black.

- Drink: Honestly....just chilled water. Or maybe a nice cider~

- Food: Anything with chicken~ Or perhaps a good steak.

- Game: Oi....far too many. But, right now....would say DOOM, Ace Combat, Fallout....can't pick oneeeeeeeeeeee

- Movie: Oooo.....heh, like a kid in a candy store. Top of my head...well, anything Star Wars will always be good for me for starters. But, maybe....Interstellar? I like a hell of a lot of movies.

- Song: All on the Watchtower by Hendrix

- T.V Show: Blacklist, Firefly, Sherlock, Inside No. 9...again, I like way too many things.

H A V E | Y O U | E V E R

- Given anyone a bath?: Noooooope~

- Smoked?: Yes.

- Bungee jumped?: No

- Made yourself throw up?: Yeah...ages ago. Wasn't in a great place.

- Ever been in love?: Mhmmmmmmmmm~

- Made yourself cry to get out of trouble?: No

- Pictured your crush naked?: Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaybe~

- Actually seen your crush naked?: Nah.

- Cried when someone died?: Yeah

- Lied: Who hasn't at least one time in their life?

- Fallen for your best friend?: No.

- Used someone?: Not to my knowledge.

- Done something you regret?: Oh that is a list, heh...


- Clothes: Jeans, a semi-tight long sleeved T-shirt, socks, briefs, ya know...the works.

- Desktop picture: Right's default Windows 10 since I haven't been bothered to put one on this new laptop. But, I tend to go with Elizabeth from Bioshock.

- CD in player: Nope

- DVD in player: Negatory.

L A S T | P E R S O N

- You touched: Dad probably when money was changing hands.

- Hugged: Uhhhh....mum I think?

- You kissed: Most likely my sister last I saw her.....and not a kiss like that....perv.

- You IMed: As of right this second, it was :iconkyosgal:

- Talk to online: That'd be the same call as previously mentioned there, Cochese.

- You sexed it up with: Secret secret, huhuuuu~

A R E | Y O U

- Understanding?: I've been told so. I keep things mellow to keep it easy for people.

- Open-minded?: Hmmm, I like to think so. Though some subject matters are bound to test that.

- Arrogant?: That's more for others to judge...but I don't think I am really.

- Insecure?: On certain things, very.

- Random?: Must....resist!

- Hungry?: Just had Chinese food, so I'm good~

- Smart?: Intelligent? I get by. Educated? Hardly.

- Organized?: When I need to be.

- Shy?: Hmmmm...not as bad as I was once. I throw myself into a fair few things now.

- Difficult?: I wouldn't be surprised, heh.

- Bored easily?: Some days, soooo easily.

- Entertained easily?: Ye~

- Obsessed: Not like some people these days.

- Lazy?: Oh you've no idea, sonny.

- Angry?: You haven't seen me angry, fella~ Hehe, nah, I keep a good lid on things a lot of the time.

- Happy?: I'm content~

- Hyper?:  Nupe

- Trusting?: To those close to me, yeah.

- In the morning: I chill for a bit, catch up on any messages, then get up and answer natures call, heh

- Love is: Feeling your heart flutter when you see that which you love. Love is life. Without love, life is going nowhere.

- I dream about: Random things...sometimes naughty things~

- What do you notice first in the sex you're into?: Usually smile or eyes honestly...or laugh?

- Makes you laugh the most: Oi....uh....well, honestly the whole world is kinda hilarious with how backwards things are getting, heh.

- Makes you smile: My near and dear~

D O | Y O U | E V E R

- Sit on the internet all night waiting for that someone special to IM you?:  Well...not like staring at the screen expectant of it. But, I'm usually the one being waited on, heh.

- Wish you were a member of the opposite sex?: Hmm...never thought hard on that.  But, maybe for a day to satiate curiosity?

- Wish you were younger?: Hmmm...maybe a few years to have shots at things from the past again.

- Cry because someone said something to you?: I don't think so?


- Of times I have had my heart broken?: Oh at least once or twice.

- Of Cd's: Not many really. 5 or 6 that are personally mine I think.

- Of bones I've broken:  Not fully broken. Cracked a rib while ice skating once.


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